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Nutritional supplements are remarkably safe. In fact they pose far less risk to your health than just eating food. Even in countries such as the UK, USA and New Zealand where more than 50% of the population consume food supplements regularly, ongoing monitoring by national and governmental organisations consistently demonstrate that nutritional supplements remain one of the safest things you can put in your mouth.(1)

'Mineral Test Kit' uses the highly developed and rigorously manufactured BodyBio® Liquid Ionic Minerals.  Your personal testing then adds an additional layer of safety, by ensuring you only replace those minerals needed at that point in time, rather than those that are currently present in adequate amounts.  In addition the BodyBio® Liquid Ionic Minerals are free of excipients, colours, flavourings, fillers, binders and so on.  They are also free of yeast, are vegetarian and are suitable for people following a Kosher dietary pattern.

The doseage directions for the BodyBio® Minerals, ensures that there is no risk of overdosing, in fact is is absolutely safe to take up to three times the daily recommended dose of each liquid mineral until a normal test result has been achieved.  BodyBio® the manufacturers estimate that in excess of 100,000 individuals have used the 'Mineral Test Kit' to assess their mineral status and then used the BodyBio® Liquid Ionic Minerals to optimise their personal mineral status.

Not only are the BodyBio® Liquid Ionic Minerals one of the safest things you can swallow, they are also of vital importance to you and your health.

'Mineral Test Kit' and the replacement minerals are manufactured in FDA approved facilities, which meet and exceed the GMP requirements required by USA to law to permit food supplement manufacturing.  Your health is paramount to us; as such 'Mineral Test Kit' is proven safe and effective for the testing and replacement of mineral deficiencies, and for the identification of mineral excesses.

Alliance for Natural HealthThe following image is courtesy of the The Alliance for Natural Health (ANH) a UK-based, pan-European and international not-for-profit campaign organisation working to protect and promote natural health care through the use of ‘good science and good law’.

(1) Law R. Risk relative to legal dietary supplements, 2002, New Zealand