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'Mineral Test Kit' is ideal for use in clinic or to take with you when visiting.  The most common tests for mineral status currently undertaken are via blood or hair, both of which are costly to repeat and hair mineral tests are an unreliable marker to measure minerals on a weekly or even monthly basis.

Patients can be tested at each office visit to determine the progress or regress of the recommended mineral supplementation, or they can be supplied with a 'Mineral Test Kit' for use at home or in their place of work. People are naturally curious about the progress or lack of progress they are making with supplementation and 'Mineral Test Kit' allows you and your patients to track the success of returning their body's chemistry back to its optimal mineral levels.

In all forms of health care the consistency and continuity of treatment will determine the level of outcome.  Involving your patients in a regular safe and simple test allows for accurate feedback and aids and improves consistency and choice of effective supplementation and dietary changes.

In addition it allows you to validate the programme you have recommended by using a repeatable test.  There are many forms minerals available to recommend, but unless you test, it is difficult to know if they are being absorbed and utilised and that you are doing the best you can for your patient.

'Mineral Test Kit' was developed by researchers and clinicians, it has evolved over the last 20 years into a reliable, cheap and effective way to test for eight essential minerals.  Not all minerals can be tested this way, in particular, Iodine and Calcium are not tested.  'Mineral Test Kit' recommends a daily dose of Iodine is also given as part of the mineral supplementation program.

Healthcare professionals can register themselves with Nutri-Link by contacting us directly.  Our contact details can be found on our web site. You will then have access to the 'Mineral test Kit', as well a hundreds of additional professional products.   This service is only available to health care professionals subject to the successful outcome of a registration application.


Professional Information

For additional technical details about how taste and smell allow you and your patients innate and genetically encoded sensory systems to determine need for minerals please go to The ‘Mineral Test Kit’ professional page.