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Frequently Asked Questions

Are these the minerals and 'Mineral Test Kit' I have seen on the Diet Doctors TV show and have read about in their book?

Yes, Dr Wendy Denning and Vicky Edgson used these minerals and 'Mineral Test Kit' to help their patients achieve their health improvements and weight loss.  Mineral deficiency is extremely common and testing and supplementing through improved diet and top quality highly absorbable minerals is a key component of the Diet Doctors approach to optimising your health.

How do I do the mineral taste test?

Each of the bottles for the eight essential minerals comes ready filled and sealed. Remove the seal and a small cup that covers the top of the bottle. Flip the top and squirt 10ml of the fluid into the measuring cup.  take the fluid into your mouth and swish for 5-7 seconds, making sure you have a chance to taste the solution.  Then swallow.  Try to record your immediate sensation rather than waiting for 30-60 seconds, and apply your score as described on the side of the container. Then depending on your score you can determine if you need to add that mineral to your daily routine, or exclude it.  If you have a high score, but do not take supplements you may benefit from following a supplement programme of any low minerals on your test to competitively inhibit the high scoring mineral.

Download the Mineral Test Kit brochure.

How do I take the liquid minerals?

First identify which minerals you need to take by conducting the Mineral Taste Test, and note which minerals tested tasted only of plain water or slightly sweet or they had a mild slightly metallic taste only. Add one serving (as described on the front of the corresponding mineral concentrate) of each of the minerals required into a glass of water, fruit or vegetable juice, mixing them all together. Consider adding a pinch of vitamin C powder (ascorbic acid) to enhance absorption. Drink the mix containing the added minerals on an empty stomach, in between or before a meal. Allow at least 30 minutes after food before drinking to gain the best absorption.

If the taste is 'vague', what should I do?

Sometimes it can be difficult to pinpoint an exact taste' score' in the Mineral Test Kit. However, please be sure to observe the taste in your mouth immediately upon contact with the liquid, rather than 30 seconds or more after swallowing the liquid. In the vast majority of cases, this will clarify your score but if you are still unclear about the taste score and it is NOT a bad taste, then it is recommended that you take the mineral at one serving per day. Continue to do so until the testing process reveals a definite taste, or lack of taste, on which you can base a definite score.

Can I test all the minerals straight after each other or do I need to wait some time before testing each new mineral?

You can test all the minerals right after each other. That is, you do not need to wait e.g. 20 minutes before testing another mineral. In this way you can test all the minerals within 5 minutes. It sometimes helps to quickly wash the mouth with clean water between each test, but this is not absolutely necessary. You can also use one cup, for all minerals, just be sure it is completely empty of the prior fluid each time.

What does competitively inhibit mean?

All minerals in your body work in tandem, minerals will, if they are too low or high have an antagonistic effect on their immediate opposing mineral. Testing all eight will identify the imbalances. So if for example you taste the potassium mineral and it tastes strong, indicating that you have more than you need, but its opposing mineral magnesium is low, then take magnesium, not potassium and the levels should then return to normal. This is of most relevance if you are not taking any supplements, as if you find one or more minerals are testing strong, then you should discontinue supplementing those minerals until you test in balance with all eight. This is called competitive inhibition, and is used to achieve optimal balance. View a chart showing the mineral balance.

Who makes the 'Mineral Test Kit and the Liquid Ionic Minerals?

The Kit and minerals are manufactured in the USA by BodyBio® and then sold by their subsidiary company E-lyte's (as in electrolytes).  That is why you will see both of these names on the 'Mineral Test Kit' and the liquid Ionic replacement minerals. They are exclusively distributed within the UK and EU by Nutri-Link Ltd a nutrition specialist company, through their wholly owned subsidiary 'Mineral Test Kit'. Hence your statement will have these names on it, and your bank statement or credit card statement will have Nutri-Link Ltd on it.

Are they safe?

BodyBio® (E-Lyte's) minerals are manufactured under stringent conditions in the USA, meeting and exceeding all Good Manufacturing Procedures and include no excipients, binders or fillers.  They are also vegetarian and kosher.  BodyBio® (E-Lyte's) Minerals have been safely and effectively prescribed by thousands of health care professionals to hundreds of thousands of patients.

Can children take the liquid minerals?

Yes, these liquid minerals are ideal for children, and can be taken by any child who is old enough to be able to make the distinctions in taste required by the testing process.

How young a child can take the liquid minerals?

The low concentration of the BodyBio® (E-Lyte's) minerals makes them suitable for the youngest child, but in order to determine need, the child must be old enough to make the taste distinctions of The 'Mineral Test Kit'. For children under the age of five, it is recommended that you seek expert advice.  Whilst they are very safe and the concentrations are low, to determine optimal levels is best done with the help of a qualified nutritionist.

How do I boost my stores of a mineral?

'Mineral Test Kit' will help you to determine which minerals you require today. By regular testing you will identify if you still require the same minerals the next week. However, in reality, it can take a few months or even longer to raise your mineral levels to normal. The older one is, or the poorer state of health one is in, then typically the longer it will take to restore your mineral level so that your taste test is metallic or has a strong lingering taste.

Can I take more than a single day’s dose to speed up mineral restoration

Yes, for all but Selenium, if you have no taste we recommend that you add 3 (three) times the daily dose until you are aware of a change in taste to a slightly sweet taste or metallic.  For Selenium, it is recommended you take a maximum of 2 (two) servings per day. Then, return to a normal daily dose.  The actual concentrations are low, but if you have any looseness of your bowels then reduce to a single daily dose.

Are there any contraindications about which I should be aware?

The concentration of the BodyBio® (E-Lyte's) minerals is low to exclude any contraindications. However, with regard to Potassium there are a few notable exceptions. For those individuals taking potassium-sparing diuretics or angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitor class of drugs to lower blood pressure, it is recommended NOT to take Potassium and to discuss the matter with your doctor.

What if I cannot taste anything at all?

This is a common observation and it means that you NEED to take the minerals in question. It is only when you taste something stronger or metallic that you do not need to take the mineral. Repeat the testing on a weekly basis for at least the first three months, and observe whether this brings about any change in your taste. It can take longer for some people, depending on their health and nutrient concentrations at the outset to bring their mineral levels up to more optimal levels.

How often should I test?

You should test your minerals once a week, at least for the first three months. Thereafter, it is suggested to do so every two weeks.

How long will I have to take the liquid minerals before my taste test improves?

For some people, the changes in taste can occur swiftly, although it is more common for the process to take some months or even longer. The older you are, or if you have a degenerative condition (e.g. arthritis), it can take a longer period of time.

Should I take vitamin C with the liquid minerals?

It is ideal to take a pinch of vitamin C, as ascorbic acid, with your liquid minerals, especially if you take them with just plain water. Vitamin C improves the absorption even more of the liquid minerals.

Are liquid minerals better than minerals in tablet or capsule form?

With the BodyBio® (E-Lyte's) Minerals, yes, although simply being liquid does not guarantee the best absorption. Please see the information on ionic minerals contained in this website. Essentially, the ionic form of the minerals in liquid form as used by the BodyBio® (E-Lyte's) minerals in the 'Mineral Test Kit' is highly absorbable and safe.

How often do I need to change the water / mineral mix in the testing bottles?

'Mineral Test Kit' will arrive all ‘ready to use’.  The water in the kit has been filtered and had reverse osmosis to ensure that it is free of all contaminant.  This means that this water and mineral mix will last for 6 months.  Once you have used all of the water the kit came with or you have exceeded the 6 month time frame then replace using purified spring water, or distilled water.  It is possible to use tap water, but it is less efficient, and do not mix with mineral water.

Where should I store the 'Mineral Test Kit' and Minerals?

Store your 'Mineral Test Kit' and liquid ionic minerals out of direct sunlight and in a cool place.

How do I make up the test kit bottle once it is empty?

There are 8 different minerals in the taste test kit. The 8 fl oz bottles are colour matched with the small bottles of liquid minerals (2 or 4 fl oz). For each bottle, add one daily serving, as explained on the front of each bottle of concentrate (i.e. 3 drops of Potassium, 7 drops of Zinc, 10 drops of Magnesium, 3 drops of Copper, 5 drops of Chromium, 7 drops of Manganese, 3 drops of Molybdenum, 3 drops of Selenium) into the respective empty bottles. Fill each bottle with Still Spring Water (not mineral water) or distilled water then shake, each is now primed for testing.

Has the taste testing of these minerals been compared to blood tests?

Yes, the minerals in the 'Mineral Test Kit' have been compared to blood tests and been found to support the same findings. Furthermore, when the testing of individuals improved (that is to say that they tasted stronger or metallic tastes) the blood tests also correlated with these improvements.

What do we get for our money ?

'Mineral Test Kit' offers you and or your family the opportunity of repeated testing for each of the 8 minerals, in the comfort of your own home. You should be able to get at least 30 tests from each bottle within your 'Mineral Test Kit'. Similar blood tests typically cost about £70 each time.

Your whole family and friends can benefit from this elegant test. This makes the 'Mineral Test Kit' at least 30 times more economical than a single blood test. Furthermore, once the bottles are empty, they can be easily and economically refilled by adding the relevant mineral concentrate, spring or distilled water and shaking the bottle.

If I have a cold and cannot taste anything, is the test still valid?

In this situation, your body may well require more minerals and other nutrients too. We suggest you continue with the minerals last identified as needed, and re-test once your cold has passed. However, we would also suggest that you take more vitamin C on an ongoing basis because vitamin C supplementation has been found to reduce the frequency of cold infections.(Ref: Annals of Internal Medicine, August 15, 2000;133:245-252, 302).

If I have no sense of smell or taste can I still use the test?

The accuracy of the 'Mineral Test Kit' requires and complex interaction of taste and smell. If you are missing one or other due to injury or disease the test will not produce an accurate indication of your mineral status.