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Do you feel tired all of the time?

Maybe you have noticed how hard it is to finish your day without feeling worn out, and that even after a weekend off you are still feeling fatigued.  Maybe your concentration and enthusiasm has waned, perhaps you have become more grumpy and less sociable?.

Do you find that the cups of coffee and chocolate you desire have become more frequent, but they no longer give you more than just a few minutes of extra energy?

Fatigue is the most common complaint heard by GP's and yet they have little to offer you to resolve this symptom, as most people suffering from fatigue do not have a disease.

Whilst there are many reasons for fatigue, your choice of food and the composition of your food has a dramatic impact.  Food contains vitamins, minerals, fats and amino acids.  Yet our foods have changed over the last 70 years containing more fat and sugar and less minerals and vitamins.

Minerals have changed the most and with only one essential mineral missing you cannot fully use your other essential vitamins and other minerals optimally.  Making energy requires all your minerals to be at optimal levels in your body, not only lack of iron (anaemia) will make you tired, so will a low level of magnesium, or chromium or zinc and iodine.

Eating the best foods possible is always essential but even then you can be deficient because of your lifestyle, medical health and weight.  All of the Diet Doctors participants suffered with a lack of energy, and all had mineral deficiencies of at least one but in some cases 5 minerals.  Replacing the missing minerals provides essential raw material for the body to repair its energy system and give you back the missing spark.

'Mineral Test Kit' and the Ionic minerals let you use the same investigation methods and treatment options used and recommended by Dr Wendy Denning and Vicky Edgson in the TV series the Diet Doctors and in their own clinics in your home.

Don't let mineral deficiency compromise your energy, test and replenish to keep your mineral levels optimal and your energy levels high.