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Are you ‘a little unsure’ whether to buy the 'Mineral Test Kit' alone or the MTK Starter Kit?

Here’s our quick summary to help you.

The ‘Mineral Test Kit’ on its own will identify if you have more or less than the optimal level of these eight essential minerals.

If you do any of the following on a regular basis; smoke, drink alcohol, eat fast foods, exercise, take the contraceptive pill, are under a lot of negative stress, have been or are unwell or feel uncommonly or persistently tired, take regular medication or eat sporadically and indifferently then experience has shown that you are likely to be low in two or more essential minerals.

If you are already taking a multi mineral, for the best health benefits you need to know if all your minerals are optimal, or too low or too high.  Having single liquid ionic minerals means you can just top up the one you are missing, or take the opposing mineral to the one you have too much of.  See below for the interactions in minerals.


If you fall into the above categories we recommend you purchase the MTK Starter Kit, as with this Kit you will be able to immediately supplement any identified mineral deficiencies.  With the individual minerals it means you only supplement the minerals you have test deficient for.

Most importantly you will be able to replenish each of the eight essential mineral test bottles in the ‘Mineral Test Kit’ once you have used all the pre filled fluid. (It arrives made up and provides approx 30 tests per mineral bottle before it must be refilled). 

You may initially only have one or two minerals below optimum but your mineral status is constantly changing, just as your life and diet does and you need to test regularly to ensure you keep your minerals at an optimum level.  Purchasing the MTK Starter Kit provides 8 essential minerals in the most economic way.

Testing Frequency

We and the Diet Doctors recommend that you retest weekly to begin with until your minerals are balanced and then twice a month thereafter.

The MTK Starter Kit gives the following benefits:

  • Saves £7.69 against buying the kit and minerals separately.
  • Allows you to start to restore mineral deficiencies right away.
  • Have all the minerals to hand as and when they are needed
  • Most importantly lets you refill each of the eight test bottles, many many times in the most economical way.

We and government agencies from the UK and the USA have found that mineral deficiencies are common, and it is likely that you and or your family will require more than three replacement minerals.


Our discounted web price means that the MTK Starter Kit including the minerals is better value than the 'Mineral Test Kit' only and just four individual minerals purchased separately.

In summary, the MTK Starter Kit allows you to replenish the test kit many many times, correct any mineral deficiencies you may identify and also saves you a fantastic £7.69.

Minerals must be in balance to work effectively

Where a mineral has an arrow pointing to another mineral, competition and competitive inhibition exists. This is due to imbalance of one mineral in relation to the other.

That is, too much or too little of one mineral will impact on its opposing mineral. This antagonism between the minerals can cause problems with the way the minerals work in your body.

Minerals work in synergy.