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About 'Mineral Test Kit'

'Mineral Test Kit' is an effective, repeatable and clinically proven method of determining your mineral status.  Designed by Doctors for use in clinical life, we are pleased to be able to make this safe, easy test and supporting effective mineral supplements available to you for use in your home.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Weight Management & Minerals

The Vital Importance of Absorption

Minerals are essential to life, which ones can I test and what do they do?


Download our brochure explaining how to use the 'Mineral Test Kit'.

A report published by the Food Commission finds that since 1940 our foods; fruits, vegetables, meat and dairy products have lost substantial mineral concentrations. They conclude that if you are eating the same key foods today as those eaten in 1940 you will be consuming between 10% and 70% less essential minerals with each meal.

Use the 'Mineral Test Kit' to be sure your foods are giving you all you need to operate with optimal mineral status. Read the Meat and dairy: where have the minerals gone?